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The Experienced Intermediaries and Business Brokers at BMI Mergers have consistently delivered quality service and leading industry knowledge for over 25 years. The members of our team have first-hand experience dealing with the challenges and opportunities of owning, selling, or merging a business. These qualities are what drive us toward continued excellence and set us apart from the competition.
Each of the articles on this page provides valuable information and insights for business owners as they consider starting the selling or acquisition/merger process.

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Selling Your Business – Keeping it Confidential

(Updated 2-13-17) The business press announced in February 2014, that Comcast was purchasing the cable business of Time Warner.  As two public companies, such an acquisition must be made public according to the rules of the SEC.  If it even happens, Read More >

Discuss Purchase Price Allocation Early in the Negotiations

Often times the purchase price allocation is looked upon as “something the accountants do” and is one of the last items discussed prior to closing the sale of a business.  However this is a mistake as the purchase price allocation(PPA) can have a Read More >

Buying or Selling a Business with an Earn out – Panacea or Pitfall

What is an Earn out? In a business sale transaction, an earn out is a stream of future payments that are contingent on the achievement of some future benchmark or criteria.  For example, a simple earn out might look like this: “If total revenue Read More >

Due Diligence – Early Preparation

Once you’ve agreed to price and terms on a transaction with a potential acquirer or investor, the next step is typically the arduous process known as due diligence. Hopefully you engaged in pre-sale due diligence to make this step go much Read More >


When it comes time to sell your business one thing that you as a seller will have to do is divulge information that is highly confidential and imperative to the success of the business. Obviously, this type of information in the wrong hands can be Read More >