Selling A Business – The Process

Selling a business properly and for the most value requires a robust knowledge based approach.  BMI represents owners of privately held businesses who wish to maximize their value and options in the sale of their business. Our business sale process is designed to be confidential, develop multiple offers, maximize business value and allow owners to focus on running their business.

BMI’s process for selling a business includes a thorough 15 step process for navigating the sale of privately held businesses. There are three major phases in the planning and execution of the business sale transaction process:

  1. Selling Assessment and Business Valuation

    Together we discuss your needs, assess the company and the best timing for selling your business and a range of values you can expect to receive from prospective buyers.  This is done at no charge and before any obligation on your part.  Depending on your situation this could take place quickly or over several years.   Learn More.

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  2. Marketing the Business

    Obtaining multiple high quality buyers requires a robust strategy and thorough and compelling marketing materials. This confidential process is designed to deliver success in the sale of your business. Learn More.

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  3. Negotiating and Closing the Transaction

    Effective deal negotiation requires competent and seasoned advisors to deliver a sustainable  transaction. The final phase covers Letter of Intent negotiation, due diligence, definitive document preparation and the closing. The sale of a business requires detailed knowledge of many factors beyond price which determine the ultimate value of your business. Learn More.

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To learn more about the business sale process, please contact a BMI professional.

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