Business Marketing

Phase II: Marketing Your Business

Once the decision to sell your business has been made we begin the phase of confidentially presenting your business to the market.

I. Confidential Marketing Book

We perform an in depth review of your business in order to fully understand its strengths and value drivers. These are presented to prospective buyers in an informative and useful manner in the Confidential Business Review(CBR). A comprehensive and well written CBR is appreciated by serious buyers and can add to the value of your company.

The CBR includes discussions and analysis on history, products, customers(general only), organization, facilities, assets, the industry, competitors, recast financial statements and most importantly the strengths and future potential. While this document is comprehensive, it is also written to protect your business, and no proprietary or sensitive information is disclosed. The CBR is only released to prospects that have been screened and have signed a confidentiality agreement.

II. Confidential Blind Marketing Profile

The confidential business profile is a one or two page summary of your company that is used as a lead generation marketing tool. This allows us to reach out and contact a large number of buyer prospects while protecting your confidentiality. The profile does not disclose the identity or location of your company. The profile is designed to generate preliminary indications of interest from prospective buyers. It includes a short summary of your company, highlighting some the strengths, and basic financial data on revenue and earnings.

III. Market Strategy

This is an important meeting/discussion where you and BMI will create the basis for marketing your company. All the resources and experience of BMI’s intermediaries and our affiliates are focused on the issues of who will be the best buyers for your company and what factors are critical to the success of the sale. This extends beyond the usual suspects in your industry to include related industries, investor groups and others. The best buyer is often not an obvious choice. BMI maintains or subscribes to extensive databases of buyers, investors, and industry participants. The strategy will also include techniques for finding hidden buyers not generally identifiable.

IV. Buyer Prospecting and Evaluation

BMI’s processes and techniques generate large numbers of buyer prospects. Each buyer is required to complete and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Prompt response and follow-up is essential to engaging serious buyers. We work with buyers in stages that where appropriate maximize the buyers comfort and interest and minimize your distractions from running the business. A select number of screened, serious buyers will be invited to meet with you and develop the basis for a Letter of Intent to purchase.

Next Step: Closing the Transaction.