FAQ – Sellers

Selling A Business – Frequently Asked Questions

Will this be confidential?

We work to keep the potential sale of a business confidential from employees, competitors, suppliers and the general public. Our marketing never identifies your business, and all potential buyers are screened and must sign confidentiality agreements. Learn more about the process for selling a business.

What is the value of my company?

Value is determined from income, revenue, tangible and intangible assets, management team, industry, trends and of course ultimately by buyers. We apply our experience and our access to specialized databases with thousands of records of business sales to assess your company’s value. We talk to buyers every day and we generally know what they are thinking. Reviewing this information, which we share with you, we can determine what buyers have been paying in the past and are likely to pay now. An analysis of the current market, your industry and your business is performed to give you a range of probable selling price. This is at no charge so you and we can determine if a sale makes sense at this time. Learn more about business valuation.

Will there be buyers for my business?

We have buyers contacting us every day looking for quality businesses. Our firm has an extensive database of local and national private investors, industry buyers, and equity groups who are ready to buy. Many are self-funded or have access to capital. In addition to exposure to these buyers, our strategies for marketing a business uncovers numerous hidden buyers. The net result is our clients typically receive multiple offers, allowing them to maximize value and terms. Learn more about the process for selling a business.

What other factors besides price should I consider?

Price is important, but sometimes other considerations can make a good deal or prevent an agreement. These can include terms of compensation, future employment or consultation, rent or sale of real estate, non-compete agreements, terms of loans, purchase price allocations, continuation of contracts, prepaid expenses or revenue, asset values, employee retention, bad debt resolution, obsolete or excess inventory, working capital and more. Learn more about Price versus Terms.

What is the process?

We use a multi-step process designed to maximize value, attract a diverse buyer pool, maintain confidentiality and allow you to focus on your business. The first step is meeting and getting to know each other, determining your needs, describing how we work, and answering your questions. Learn more about the process for selling a business.

Please contact us at your convenience for a confidential conversation. 610-777-7029