Targeted Acquisition Service

Our Targeted Business Acquisition Program is primarily designed for strategic buyers looking to expand their business through geographic expansion, acquisition of expertise, addition of complementary products or services, or new customers.

Targeted Acquisition Service Program Summary

  • Determine Strategic Goals and develop buying strategy. See Questions to Ask.
  • Review your companies preparedness for undertaking an acquisition and achieving a successful integration.
  • Identify universe of likely acquisition or merger prospects based on strategic and financial parameters.  See Evaluate the Target and Buy for the Right Reasons.
  • Confidentially contact prospects and screen for qualified and serious prospects.
  • Assist in evaluation, negotiation and due diligence.
  • Complete Acquisition, including final negotiations, documentation and post-acquisition merger issues.

The specific requirements and program steps can vary for each engagement depending on the industry and client needs.

Our Experience

Our M&A Advisors have been involved in numerous acquisitions, mergers and integrations.  Having been operators of businesses and responsible for integrating acquired business, we have the  first hand knowledge of the rewards, problems and pitfalls of acquisitions.  Our team can be a valuable asset to companies looking to grow thru acquisition.  It is our belief and experience that a successful acquisition and integration starts with careful planning and self assessment before embarking on a purchase.   Our program can be tailored to your organizations level of experience and resources for carrying out a growth thru acquisition program.


To learn more about targeted business acquisition programs, contact us today and schedule an appointment.