Closing the Sale Of A Business

Phase III: Negotiating and Closing A Business Sale Transaction

Our goal is to obtain multiple offers for your business. The BMI method brings multiple, serious buyers to the negotiating table.

I. Negotiating and Deal Structure

We work with a number of serious buyers to provide you with offers that meet your needs. This is carefully managed to assure buyers goals and your goals can be aligned for a successful transaction.

II. Letter of Intent

Buyers seriously interested in acquiring your company will provide a Letter of Intent or Offer to Purchase. This is a generally non-binding agreement that spells out the basic elements of the transaction. It is extremely important for this to be considered thoroughly and thoughtfully to prevent major issues from arising later in the process. BMI will assist all parties in reaching a beneficial agreement and will work closely with your accountant and attorney.

III. Due Diligence and Financing

Once the Letter of Intent is signed, the due diligence phase begins. During this phase the buyer will perform an in-depth investigation to confirm the status of your company. BMI manages this process to minimize disruption, protect company proprietary information and assure the buyer receives the necessary data to make an informed evaluation. Also during this period, the buyer will arrange funding of the transaction. While many of our buyers are self-funded, there are times where we assist and assure the buyer will have access to sufficient funds to complete the acquisition.

IV. The Purchase Agreement

BMI assists buyers and sellers counsel in the completion of the definitive purchase agreements. We utilize our extensive experience, and knowledge of the business and the transaction, to work out any issues that arise. As intermediaries we have a uniquely valuable position in being able to communicate constructively and frankly with all parties involved.

V. Business Closing

This is your objective and the end result that the BMI method is designed to bring about. We are available post-closing to provide guidance or assistance in any issues that may arise.