Merger Advisory

A successful merger requires planning, understanding and a lot of work. In the small and middle market, mergers will not be as complex however the same requirements for success apply.  Successfully executing a merger is a major time commitment.   BMI provides a merger advisory service for companies looking to maximize the success of their acquisition/mergers.  Our service is highly flexible as each clients needs and capabilities vary widely.

Highlights and key components of our Mergery Advisory service include:

  • Assist in developing an executable strategy that meets the companies ultimate goals. See Questions to Ask.
  • Identify and approach possible merger targets. See our targeted acquisition program for more information.
  • Assess targets for strategic fit. Includes review of management, staff, operations, customers, markets, products and services.
  • Develop plan for integration.  Assist and consult as needed for implementation.
  • Develop monitoring, feedback and control systems to ensure proper implementation and continued progress.

Each member of the BMI team has had first hand experience in planning and implementing mergers of various companies.   Below is an abbreviated list of our experience. Contact us to learn more.

Selected Merger & Acquisition Experience:

  • Acquisition and Merger of $70 million metal production company with two locations into $160 million company division, and integration with distribution channels of $2 billion parent company.
  • Integration of two office products companies with combined revenues of $80 million.
  • Acquisition and integration of a $17 million metals recycling business.
  • Member of pre-planning and post acquisition executive team for the merging of a $1 billion and $2 billion company in the power storage industry.
  • Team member of executive leadership council for the acquisition and integration of a $700 million business into a $2 billion office products company.
  • Integration of production and distribution operations for several major beverage manufacturers.
  • Work on over 100 transactions in the electronics industry. See more.
  • Acquisitions, and mergers with companies ranging from $2 million to $500 million in revenue in the transportation and logistics industry. See more.
  • Our team members have been involved in numerous merger transactions of all sizes.  Their expertise has been developed thru years of participating in and observing successful and not so successful mergers.